Sunday, January 3, 2010

Keep It Movin'

As Baby New Year rears it's fat ass head, we find ourselves at the peak of 2010. Grrrreat. Another year of economical turmoil, war, distorted political philosophies, and famine.

Big things comin' (as if you couldn't already smell) for Bassturd! I can't wait to release the new remixes, and hopefully some EP's? eh. I will, however, humbly ask that I start to embrace some kinda feedback outside of the occasional, "Oh, I love your website!" or "Yeah, you're music is really good"; not that I don't take the compliments to heart, it's just in order to evolve the blog into a more elaborate masterpiece of a musically promotional website, I need to at least see the slightest sign of a critical audience. So to keep it bluntly and sweet -

for the love of God, COMMENT or follow/subscribe/favorite..

Meanwhile I'll try to keep you updated on the freshest shit since sliced bread:

Yes and Dance (Weirdo Police Refix) - 500 Silver Columns

She-Wolf (Calvin Harris Remix) - Shakira (B) [oldie!]

WTF (Deekline & Tim Healey Remix) - Tittsworth feat Kid Sister & Pase Rock (B)

When Mr Hyde Killed Dr Jekyll (Original Mix) - The Phantom's Revenge

One (MMMatthias Remix) - Yeasayer (B)

New DnB Remix to Flashback!:

Flashback (Goldie Remix) - Calvin Harris (B)

Again, positive/negative feedback is always appreciated. As a DJ it's my civic duty to please the crowd.

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