Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Could You Be Heartless?

That's a good question.

How did I manage to finish off this imperial remix of that master theme song to the GREATEST RPG OF ALL TIME?

It took some patience. Ladies & Gentz, I haven't posted anything for the last week for this reason and this reason only. I completed my massive 320 kbps dubstep re-edit to "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru packed with vocal snippets, a ridiculous bassline, and enough kick to send Ansem running for cover.

Trust me, I put all my heart & soul into this one:

Sanctuary (Bassturd's Heartless Remix) - Utada Hikaru (B)

Warning - I did upload this to a site (thanks to nicenoiz) so I can actually monitor how many downloads this gets... so spread the word and enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated ;]



Karl said...

thank you my man! brilliant stuff!

Bassturd said...

No, thank you, sir for the love! If you like it, spread the word!

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