Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm pretty sure certain this cyclopean Jamaican commando from the 80's needs absolutely no introduction whatsoever, but since most of you live under calcified stones, I'll grant myself the unadulterated exaltation of giving him - and by "him", I mean accredited producers, Diplo & Switch - a proper inception to the knowhow of the immediate youth ;D

"Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do" was released in June of this year and unleashed a wave of sweltering EP's that have been completely glorified by admiring artists. From Skream to R!M!E, from Crookers to Dada Life and right back to Diplo, artists from around the world have gathered to reproduce Major Lazer's (Diplo & Switch's) momentous original tracks with such unprecedented vehemence. I mean if Daft Punk didn't perfectly illustrate the impact of Electrcness in everyday's harmonious goodness, then Major Lazer shot in the in dome pieces of thousands.

If you're not with it by now, just go kill yourself.

I present to you Bassturd's favorite remixes (gathered over the course of the last 6 months):

Pon De Floor (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) - Major Lazer

Pon De Floor (Mick Kastenholt Massive North Mix) - Major Lazer

Pon De Floor (Diplo's Rap Remix) - Major Lazer

Pon De Moobah (Angger Dimas & Afrojack Bootleg) - Major Lazer Vs. Silvio Ecomo

Hold the Line (Skream Remix) - Major Lazer [GOOD GAWD!]

Hold the Line (Edu K Remix) - Major Lazer

Jump Up (Leif Jones Remix) - Major Lazer

Keep It Goin' Louder (Tokima Tokio Remix) - Major Lazer feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze

Couldn't find any remixes to Mary Jane ;[ My deepest apologies:

Mary Jane - Major Lazer

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blacks Sell a Different Type of Dub

Is it their enticing vocals?
Is it their overpowering rhymes and delivery?
Is it their chocolate glazed, glowing skin tones?
Is it their massive, overgrown......... noses?
Aside the small burlesques, blacks have undoubtedly made their alluring, tremendous, and ingenious contributions to the music world and continue to dominate the charisma that gives them their symphonious prowess.
Today I shine them in a new light - a very Electrc light.

It's definitely the...... noses:

Lapdance (Bingo Players Bootleg) - N.E.R.D.

Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix) - Ginuwine [Thank you!] (B)

What Happened? (Brabe Remix) - Abe Duque

Land of the Lupes - Bassnectar

The Pursuit of Happiness  (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix) - Kid Cudi feat. MGMT & Ratatat

And then sometimes they can just be so raw:

Up In Here (Mightyfools Remix) - DMX (B)

Rockstar (Disco Villains Remix) - N.E.R.D. [Pharrell Again :]

The Next Episode (Jay Robinson Remix) - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg [Added 11/24] (B)

Steppin' (Rusko Remix) - Kid Sister feat. Estelle

In Kid Sister's case, it's definitely DAT ASS her adorable dimples :D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Mean to Overshadow the saTURDay,


I just couldn't wait to share XD I'll go forthright and present a mean LA Riots Re-Dub of a mellow Tiesto melody. *gasp*

Seriously, enjoy yourself:

Escape Me (LA Riots Remix) - Tiesto (B)

Cement (No Device Remix) - Washington  (Thank you!)

Keep It Goin' Louder (Diplo Remix) - Major Lazer feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze

Youth Blood (Tony Senghore Vocal Remix) - Little Jinder

Sorry if these songs are a little outdated (maybe by within the last week and a half). I know, I'm soooo late, geez.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Still saTURDay, right? (II)

Kids (and Yosef), it's saTURDday again,and you know what that means ;D Beats, treats, and titties galore! As you so very well know, I've put it in my best interest to update you on the best tracks of the week. I've noticed a pattern of pure bangers develop over this past week and a half, and it's progressing ever-so-stupidly/rapidly. Oh, joy! Please, let me point out the Fidget and Dubstep movement as it bombards the underground with bombshell track after track. These tracks are huge club bangers, ready and set to instantly transset emotion to baby-making dances.

Man, did I ever tell you how much I enjoy the occasional banger?

Good, cause these all qualify.

Clean It (Original Mix) - Mightyfools

D-Generation (Waveboy Remix) - Mondotek (Thanks Roberto!)

Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix) - Larry Tee Feat. Roxy Cottontail (B)

Epic Flow (Chris James Remix) - Suriv

Dansa med vapen (Dada Life Remix) - Maskinen (B)

This Is Massive (Cyberpunkers Remix) - Chewy Chocolate Cookies (B)

And in case you just wanna chillllll:

Youth Blood (12th Planet & Flinch) -Little Jinder (B)

Shame On Me (Viking Remix) - Amanda Blank

Seven (Labyrinth Jackal Remix) - Chew Lips (B)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Raise Jill Hi Hi Hi!

This is a huge melodious treasure supplied by the stunningly attractive, Kid Sister. Oh, so what if it's a month old. If Soulja Boy's career could have lasted longer than that, so can Kid Sister massive beat.

Right Hand Hi - Kid Sister

Did I mention these dudes just happened to hop on her symphonic jock?:

Right Hand Hi (Johnny Roxx Remix) - Kid Sister

Right Hand Hi (Kill the Noise Remix) - Kid Sister (B)

Right Hand Hi (Micro Genius Remix) - Kid Sister

Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix) - Kid Sister (B)

Right Hand Hi (Kim Fai Remix) - Kid Sister

Shit, I don't blame them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is It Valentine's Day Yet?

Yes, I know what you're thinking. On top of the college drama, Pre-Calc homework, and that dire girl of mine, I manage to break through the barriers of the American mainstream and bring you some of the finest tunes this generation of musical endeavors has to offer. And so, with the amatory mood I've been in these last couple days, I figure it's time to spread some more electrc love.

Isn't he lovely?:

Lovefool (Barletta Edit) - The Cardigans

Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix) - The Gossip (B)

Love Is the Boss (Benny Bennassi Radio Edit) - Stefano Gamma

And yes, I hate Twilight and its musical inclined inhabitants, but this track is fire
Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation (B)


Monday, November 16, 2009


I'll start with by asseverating my consummate adulation for ANYTHING Dada. God, they are so dope. They've brought countless styles and original approaches to the proverbial table of all things Electrc and good. They continue to barrage the music industry with beat after beat after fly fucking beat, and I commend the shit outta them for it.

I mean after "The Great Fashionista Swindle", you'd think a group would just sink under they're own track, and produce subsequent tunes that just couldn't possibly be better than the first; but they have done more than that. Between their Guerilla Farts, legion of ridiculous remixes, and voluminous amounts of orgasmic Original Mixes, I'd decree that it's safe to convict Dada Life as being one of the greatest groups to ever hit the synthesizer.

God fucking bless, Dada Life. I present to you their November Mix:

November (Let's Get Bleeped) 2009 Mix - Dada Life

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drop the Mic (It's SaTURDay)

With the indoctrination of kiddie Baha Men re-edits, I figure it's time for producing on a more serious level.
I present to you the very first, saTURDay (Copyright of Bassturd i.e. if you steal it, I'll kill you.). I plan to save my most aristocratic compositions for the weekend, figuring that most of you are busy throughout the painful week. I know it's hard to keep your cool throughout those merciless 5 days, but I'm here to provide electrical goodness to sustain that craved vibe.

Let me take you to a special place:

Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix) - Drop the Lime (B)

Saga - Basement Jaxx feat. Santigold

California (Soundpusher Remix) - Hirshee 

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Mustard Pimp Remix) - Will Smith (B)

All Night Long (Mightyfools Remix) - Lionel Richie (B)

Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Moguai Remix) - Dada Life

Bonus Track
[Remember that kiddie Remix I was talking about before?]

Who Let The Dogs Out (Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest Mix) - The Nycer feat. Otneall Prise

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got the Suds?

It's OK, I've never heard of them ever..

But nevertheless, they're tracks are nothing to be frakked with! This American Duo throws a nice amalgam of Electro and Breakbeat sessions with a hint of House.

Today, I supply to you probably one of the greatest tracks in their congenial and sonorous volume of purely adroit beats. To save me the time and energy, all of these tracks have been granted the (B) - Bassturd Seal of Approval.

Meeeeeaaaaaaann tunes (seriously, they come with a grunt and all):

Fuck House (Original Mix) - Soda 'N' Suds
Fuck House (Dem Slackers Remix) - Soda 'N' Suds [GOOOOD GAWD WHAT A TUNE!!!]
Fuck House (Kill Frenzy Remix) - Soda 'N' Suds

Dear Soda 'N' Suds,
If by any point by miraculous discovery, you happen to stumble upon this, please ask and I will remove links. Personally, I think the attention would help. Your tracks are ridiculous; the public should be informed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Johnny Cash (alive in 2010)

I formally introduce myself to blogger/blogspot.
"Welcome Edward Bassturd!"
Why thank you, gentleman.

It's been a year or two since I've heard a decent Laurent Wolf track.
Too long.
He has recently taken a sample of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" and outdid the fuck out of himself. I think there's a video for it out there somewhere?

I present to you:

Walk the Line - Laurent Wolf  (B)

(In case you didn't catch it on tumblr) [Indoctrination to Blogggeeerrrrr ;D)

I’ve come to accredit that Tumblr might not be the place for me to expand my effectuate career. There’s a new project in the making, in terms for Bassturd, and it might not have much to depend on a “reblog/like” bombardment for me to get my shit heard.
With that being said, let us continue on the harmonic journey to rhythmic serenity.
It’s been pretty evident over the last few weeks, more than ever, that Dubstep has thrown it’s LFO influences in pretty much every style of Electro/House. Dub is the future of absolute tuneage, and bigger beats are being supplied daily. The style is a clear sign of the branches of styles of tunes we’ll be hearing in the near future.
And so, to atone for the Tumblr absence, I will not plead for an over excessive amount of reblogs to compensate for the Tumblarity fall. I will not succumb to the whims of the everyday Tumblelog and post grotesque pictures of thyself. I will not falter under the demeaning impressions of the Pedobear. I will not dropthe aphoristic ball.
I will, however, drop these fly beats.
Don’t expect any posts anytime soon. I’m trying to get into college. Talk to you later ;D

(In case you didn't catch it on tumblr)

With the recent indoctrination of a certain one man band (Owl City) into the radio limelight, I’ve further indulged in my reason for hating everything mainstream. I mean fuck, Fireflies isn’t even his best track.
With the the rehearsals and all, I haven’t really had the time to refresh myself on new shit. I mean, for the most part, I’ve spent my time picking and hacking at recent mixes (Bass Weazal, Stupid Fresh, etc.). So as mentioned before, I’m stranded for the weekend; subsequently, I have serious beats for you.
ssssseeeeerrrrrrriiiiiiiioooousssssss [mediafire/zippyshare]:
It’s OK, you can suck my beef later.

(In case you didn't catch it on tumblr)

Honestly, I’ve never been her biggest fan. Truthfully, I find her degrading social doctrines to be abhorrent, obnoxious, and plainly fucking foul. I don’t understand how some incoherent blonde concubine fuck could attract so much international attention. She, like plenty other female “artists”, can attributed for the inference to the reason why the vast population of people don’t take a majority of women seriously.
“Living in sin is the new thing.”
^What kind of moronic, ignorant, obtuse shit is that?! Our idols consist of mindless, talentless dunderfucks like this? Cool, America. Cool.
Thank you for giving this semi-attractive oaf an opportunity past a stripper at the local gentleman’s club. You really make a name for yourself.
As most of you can suspect by this ceaseless rant, I don’t like her.