Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a Waste!

Take heed of my new project, you hipsters and swindlers - will drop sometime next week (.. or the week after). The blueprint, as of now, entails promoting a line of the fresh reworks and genius that you've all been a witness to here on edwardisnotbassturd, doped-out monthly mixes, an entire configuration of Bassturd originals (along with the indoctrination of a few friends), and of course, the same treatment of Electrc wobble funk goodness that you just can't live without.

Consider this a fair warning.

Until then, enjoy a preview of my latest Wurk:

Wurk! - Bassturd [spoiler?]

The officialness will drop tangentially with the new site in a prolonged EP (evidently named - "A Turd @ Wurk"). Hope to see you soon ;]

p.s. I'm looking for some new talent to re-edit some tracks (and no, you are not getting paid). Consider it a favor to an up-and-coming behemoth. If you're interested e-mail me: