Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holla Fo' a Dolla

His tracks emulate the coldest of cool.
His chill basslines and emotionless lyrics are a surefire smash for any club.
This Deutschland native of the dope has been flirted with on a couple of posts. It's time for a proper intro.

Step your game up America, Germany is shitting on you:

You Got It! (Original Mix) - Oliver $ (B)

Gypsy Carnival - Olvier $

Keep It Real (Oliver $ Remix) - HiJack (B) [yeah, this track isn't supposed to come out for another 2 months.. oops]

And just cause I love The Subs, I'll gih ya my personal Mitsubitchi EP:

Mitsubitchi - The Subs (B)

Mitsubitchi (Bobermann Remix) - The Subs (B) [leave it to el3ctronight to get this badboy]

Mitsubitchi (Corpus de Textes Daft Remix) - The Subs

Mitsubitchi (Tea Time Remix) - The Subs

U iz welcuhm ;] Do me the favor and comment in return.

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