Wednesday, January 6, 2010

POP! Goes the Bassssss

Yes, rehearsals for Bishop Ahr High School's prestigious adaptation of the Wizard of Oz have done a number on my collective ass and possible manhood (i.e. ALLLLL THE DAMN'D SKIPPING). By miraculous conformity, it appears as though I still have time for the beats.

I proudly acquaint the Bassturd-jocking-community to Bass Weazal - the dexterously effulgent duo. Word on the street is Will Bailey just got bored one day and just nonchalantly decided to create one of the most epic twosomes to arise from the UK (settling at #10 on my constantly evolving list of best groups). Sorry, they haven't really updated for the new year :/ I know you'll be so deprived to hear tracks from within the last 4 months.

A penny for a spool of thread, a penny for a needle - that's the way the money goes,

BOOM! goes the treble:

Jimmy's got the whooping cough and Timmy's got the measles, that's the way the story goes,

PLOP! goes the Mashups:

I don't know if you guys just don't read the blurbs before the posts, or you have the attention span of goldfish (hi ranger), but I did ask for some

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