Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Lil' Crunk in Yo Trunk!

In my distinguished ritual of searching for the ultimate banger over the weekend, it seems as though I stumbled upon some new chums! If you haven't at least been to their site to find the dopest beats of the day, lemme be the first one to properly inform you that:

you're fuckin' up.

These bass-embedded young men go by as the Crunk Kidz, and they've granted me the honor of promoting a few of their extremely commendable remixes on my ostensibly prestigious blog. Frankly, that's exactly what I'ma do.

wobble wobble WOBBLE:

ZZT - Lower State Of Consciousness (Crunk Kidz Remix) by CrunkKidz

Designer Drugs - Riot (Crunk Kidz Remix) by CrunkKidz

NBTD - Purple Cactus (Crunk Kidz Remix) by CrunkKidz

and their newest, finely tuned, dubbed out remix!:

Hoo Haa (Crunk Kidz Remix) - Mightyfools (B) [right click to download]

Welcome to Bassturd's Wurd, Kidz. Hopefully, I helped you guys out a bit :D

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