Monday, December 7, 2009

The King and Me

Along with the EP's and remixes I plan to release within the month - given that the permitting time off for Christmas break... really allows some time off - I'll squeeze and jam some more tracks into the everyday, unculturized youth that plagues my neighboring town, state, and hopefully country.

I'm gonna introduce you to a buddy of mine, L-Vis 1990 (real name: James Connoly <-- who cares?). He's a doper kinda guy, dropping cut-throat beat after, on top, in, and out of beat.

Welcome L-Vis to Bassturd's Wurd. I'm sure the additional fame will boost your producing qualities three fold!

Y, thaynk ya very muhch:

IC19 (L-Vis 1990 Remix) - Buraka Som Sistema (B)

Hey! (L-Vis 1990 Remix) - Diplo & Laidback Luke (B)

In for the Kill (L-Vis 1990 RIP Hyper Bass Remix) - La Roux [Yes, the style is a little quicker than usual; it's called Hyper Bass]

Maybe you just can't dig it:

Make Some Noise (Nadastrom Rework) - Bart B More vs Dj Kool [thank you el3ctronight!]

Ahhhh Yeaaaaa - DJ Skeet Skeet (B)

Play the Record Again - AC Slater (B)

Outta My Life (Touch Mix) - Deadmau5 & Billy Newton Davis [New Deadmau5!]

hoo ha

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