Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(In case you didn't catch it on tumblr) [Indoctrination to Blogggeeerrrrr ;D)

I’ve come to accredit that Tumblr might not be the place for me to expand my effectuate career. There’s a new project in the making, in terms for Bassturd, and it might not have much to depend on a “reblog/like” bombardment for me to get my shit heard.
With that being said, let us continue on the harmonic journey to rhythmic serenity.
It’s been pretty evident over the last few weeks, more than ever, that Dubstep has thrown it’s LFO influences in pretty much every style of Electro/House. Dub is the future of absolute tuneage, and bigger beats are being supplied daily. The style is a clear sign of the branches of styles of tunes we’ll be hearing in the near future.
And so, to atone for the Tumblr absence, I will not plead for an over excessive amount of reblogs to compensate for the Tumblarity fall. I will not succumb to the whims of the everyday Tumblelog and post grotesque pictures of thyself. I will not falter under the demeaning impressions of the Pedobear. I will not dropthe aphoristic ball.
I will, however, drop these fly beats.
Don’t expect any posts anytime soon. I’m trying to get into college. Talk to you later ;D

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