Monday, November 16, 2009


I'll start with by asseverating my consummate adulation for ANYTHING Dada. God, they are so dope. They've brought countless styles and original approaches to the proverbial table of all things Electrc and good. They continue to barrage the music industry with beat after beat after fly fucking beat, and I commend the shit outta them for it.

I mean after "The Great Fashionista Swindle", you'd think a group would just sink under they're own track, and produce subsequent tunes that just couldn't possibly be better than the first; but they have done more than that. Between their Guerilla Farts, legion of ridiculous remixes, and voluminous amounts of orgasmic Original Mixes, I'd decree that it's safe to convict Dada Life as being one of the greatest groups to ever hit the synthesizer.

God fucking bless, Dada Life. I present to you their November Mix:

November (Let's Get Bleeped) 2009 Mix - Dada Life

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