Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(In case you didn't catch it on tumblr)

Honestly, I’ve never been her biggest fan. Truthfully, I find her degrading social doctrines to be abhorrent, obnoxious, and plainly fucking foul. I don’t understand how some incoherent blonde concubine fuck could attract so much international attention. She, like plenty other female “artists”, can attributed for the inference to the reason why the vast population of people don’t take a majority of women seriously.
“Living in sin is the new thing.”
^What kind of moronic, ignorant, obtuse shit is that?! Our idols consist of mindless, talentless dunderfucks like this? Cool, America. Cool.
Thank you for giving this semi-attractive oaf an opportunity past a stripper at the local gentleman’s club. You really make a name for yourself.
As most of you can suspect by this ceaseless rant, I don’t like her.

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you right you right.

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