Monday, February 15, 2010

Originals Go Harder

Can we, being the appreciative society we are, speculate that all sequels are shit compared to the first? I mean, I couldn't name a guy off the top of my head that isn't a fan of a fresh re-work here and there; but on the contrary, who really goes around looking for Original Mixes like that?

You're right me neither. So I've decided to showcase some of my favorite recent originals.

Oh, btw, that's Tony Senghore in the pic above:

Bootdance Salmonleg (Original Mix) - Nick Supply

Dance Me (Original Mix) - Riva Starr (B)

Hoo Haa (Original Mix) - Mightyfools

'member 'bout those fresh re-works I was talking about?:

King Of Africa (Last Japan Remix) - Douster (B) [TUNE!]

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