Wednesday, February 10, 2010


No don't worry blacks, you can keep your dignity; this post has no functional racist tone (... ok maybe a tiny bit). I'm proud to introduce most of you to three ponderous jocks: Sticky, Mini, & Royal K! Let's just dive right into it, shall we!?


This California native does a remarkable job drowning his unique, fidgety, fast treaded sounds over every one of his distinctive remixes and edits. I can really dig the solid kick drums and malodorous basslines, along with the fact that every one of his remixes is tweaked and individual to the style . The Mad Decent affiliate might have some seriously tenacious tricks for the upcoming year; let's all wait and see if he sends Bassturd some exclusives ;] Don't forget to check out his new California EP!

sticKy icKy icKy:

El Tigeraso (Sticky K Remix) - Maluca [beautifully paced track!]

Do Your Head In (Sticky K Remix) - Malente & Jay Robinson

Put Your Hands On Me (Sticky K Remix) - Crookers feat. Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie

Royal T (Sticky K Remix) - Crookers


And for this South African teenager, the bangers will start off with a seemingly innocent bassline and deceiving vocals. Give it a minute or two and.. BOOM! crazy wobble funky minimal goodness for all orgasm over. Did I mention this cutie is just 19?

*Dr. Evil voice* Mini Me K, you complete me:

All The Things You Do (Mini K Remix) - Royal K feat. Miss Can D (B)  [TUNE!!!!!]

Doin It Right (Mini K Remix) - Cold Blank

Nuttahz (Mini K Remix) - Matt B


And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have Mr. Royal. Being that he's my favorite out of today's three focuses, I'm positive you will all bust balls for his Afro/Stupid/HiJack-like, fidgety nourishment. Sadly, there isn't a huge bio on this handsome feller; the most I can tell ya is that he is also South African and on the same label as Mini.

Chakalaka (Royal K's Circus Bootleg) - Wippenberg

Nuttahz (Royal K's Gets Nutty Remix) - Matt B (B)

Ghosts N Stuff (Royal K's Here Comes Johnny Remix) - Deadmau5 [previously posted.. by far his best track]

Sorry, if some of these track a little outdated (by a few months or so). These three really haven't come out with anything intense for the new year, but you know I'll keep you posted! :]

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